A platform dedicated to the effective and innovative management of commercial properties.

Singu FM streamlines the property and facility management of office buildings, shopping centers, logistics centers, and production facilities.

  • Global Coverage
  • Variety of properties
  • Multiple Recipients
  • Flexibility of opportunities
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From offices, through logistic and production facilities Singu services thousands of guests every day. The platform creates a new way to invite, welcome and service guests. Our global coverage gives the possibility to manage entire portfolio of your properties with one central cloud-based platform.

Singu Guestbooks offers features like:

  • pre-booking
  • host notification
  • administration panel
  • safety reports
  • custom badges
  • multilingual sign in
  • passbook integration
  • signature capture
  • guest photo capture
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Automatizing Your logistics center

Singu Smart Security Desk enables the control of numerous access gates at the same time, as well as integration with the barriers, the access control and CCTV. The security employees operate the system on the touch screens. All those aspects give us full automation - real costs reduction.

Functionalities of Singu Smart Security Desk

  • The platform for logistics center & security employees
  • Access Control and CCTV integration
  • Dashboard for Key Users
  • Gates availability management
  • Integration with Your supply chain
  • Full history
  • Rapid communication
  • Mobile Security Desk
  • Invitations to the Guests
  • and Suppliers
  • Health & Safety trainings
  • Electronic tags
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Automatizing Your production hall

SSD platform was made to simplify and accelerate the exchange of information about the arrival of people, cars and increase the safety of production halls

Application of our platform gives an opportunity to:

  • Visitor management
  • Pre-booking
  • Health and safety reports
  • Safety and evacuation report
  • Temporary employees management
  • Badges management
  • Guest photo capture
  • Information for the guests
  • Parking slots
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Singu Car Pooling Platform is complex software solution dedicated to companies, institutes and organizations. Unbeatable in every day travel to work among employees as well as business trip.

Benefits of implementations Singu Car Pooling in your organization:

  • Reduce petrol cost
  • Reduced the cost of parking space
  • Giving back to your community
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Prestige solution / Innovative approach
  • Branding
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One of the first on the market mobile Data Room App to find your documents wherever you are. Mobile app comes with bar code tags printing integration and build in scanner into mobile app. Flexibility with meta data of documents, you could pick from pre-defined one like document issue date, keywords, document number and dozens more. You could also add your custom one from easy configurator. Platform is also equipped with feature to find missing documents by looking for connections between particular ones, system would help you to speed up due-diligence process. Share selected documents with subcontractors or full data room with potential investors Ideal solution for construction process to collect all documents into digital data room and also for existing properties for transferring your paper documents into innovative virtual data room.

That is why we create solutions which are:

  • Establishment of easy access and transparent property files for your real estate
  • Support due diligence process as well as transactions and valuations
  • Innovative integration with OCR for full text search